Need a shave?

Yesterday, because my COD game was cancelled, I decided to have a haircut. Since people from so many different parties, which includes a lot of mums, are not fond with my eccentric hairstyle. I had to agree that it was ugly. Plus, it was interrupting my basketball game where I have to “Beiber Hair Flip” everytime I want to shoot the ball.

So I forced my friend, Philo to come along with me and went to the saloon.

Barber : Cut it short?

Me : Nah. Just make me look a little less like ‘orang gila’ in public and hopefully keep the mums from complaining so much about my hairstyle.

Barber : So just a layer?

Me : Yes. Oh. Please keep it long. I still want to tie my hair.

So it took her less than 10 minutes to cut my hair and the barber admired my natural curl, although it was just a compliment to ensure my return to that place in the near future. And of course, I like being fed with compliments, so I ignored the fact that it was a business strategy. We need the love too, right?

Anyway, once she was done. I stood up, looked myself in the mirror and said,

“Shit. There’s not much of a different and this is gonna cost me 12 bucks. Oh, what the hell. At least I can still do the Beiber Flip.”

I went home. And it took me an hour to convince my family members that I did go the saloon.

Maybe I should reconsider.

I watched a video of a blogger being interviewed last week in Big Think. And the blogger mentioned that if you are aspiring to be an established blogger, you need to blog at least twice a day. Two posts in a day.

At first I thought it was very absurd to blog twice a day. What is there to blog about twice a day? Is the toilet paper in your cubicle on the left or on the right? Or do you wipe your backside with your left hand or right hand?

But then, I realised that there is some reasoning in his comment about this. He said anything less than two posts a day means you are merely just managing a website.

There is truth in there. Think about it.

Poem for a mother’s funeral..

My dad this afternoon called me and asked me to write something for his sister to read on my dad’s behalf during my grandma’s funeral.. Unfortunately, we could not attend the funeral cause it’s in Canada.. So this I wrote on my dad’s behalf.. Hope it’s meaningful to some of you out there who have lost their mothers..

No other love had greater devotion,

No other love had portrayed greater joy,

No other love had dealt with more pain and sorrow,

And no other love is purer and gentler,

Yet so strong and fierce in its divinity.

No other love was greater than your love mum.

I know tomorrow will not see your love wither,

Nor will tomorrow see memories of you die.

For death cannot destroy your image,

Nor can it kill all those precious memories you and I made.


My tears are not wept for your death,

But because I was so blessed to be mothered by you.

No thank you can ever repay what you have given me.

And I can’t express how disheartening it is,

To not be by your deathbed,

To be unable to attend your funeral,

To be not given the moment to bid you my final goodbye.

 But I still thank God,

For one last time he gave me the chance.

The opportunity to speak to you.

To say what my heart intends to let out.

Although it may seemed cruel that in reality,

You were unable to even whisper me an answer,

But my heart knows you listened and you answered in your own special way.


All these years being away from you,

Did not hinder my love to continue to grow and flourish.

You were always in my heart.

I poured your love in me to my family,

To ensure that you still live on,

In the hearts of my family too.

Never have we forgotten you in our prayers,

And we will not cease to do so.


You will always live in my heart.

May your soul rest in peace,

And may your spirit continue to grow,

In those whom you love,

And in those who loved you.

My hope is mum,

That you forgave me for all my wrongdoings,

For not holding your hands in your final moment,

For my stubbornness and rebelliousness during my childhood,

And even at some point in my adulthood.

A hurt mother can really bring a grown man down.

This is not my final goodbye,

My message is not about eternal departure.

But to share with you how wonderful was you mum.


Wherever you are,

I know you’re in sheer comfort.

I want you to remember,

That I will always love you..

Housewife jailed 8 years, fined RM20,000 for striking maid

GEORGE TOWN: Housewife S.M. Poongavanam, 33, was jailed eight years and fined RM20,000 by the Penang Sessions Court Friday for striking her Indonesian maid Win Faidaa, 26, with a hot iron.

Poongavanam was found guilty of causing grevious hurt to Win at her flat in Jalan Penawar Satu, Sri Wangsa Satu, Jelutong, between Sept 1 and 13 last year.

Sessions judge Sitarun Nisa ordered the sentence to commence from Friday. – The StarOnline on 4/5/2011 –

Maid : Mak Cik, ini pinggan kamu pakai untuk makan tadi sudah boleh cuci ka?

Housewife : Nasi daun pisang boleh cuci ka?

Maid : Eh? Mak Cik tidak mahu pakai daun ini lagi kha?

Housewife : *slaps her maid real hard* Kenapa kamu ini bodoh betul ha? Pergi la kamu cuci daun itu! Sampai kilat dan warna hijau daun itu boleh tahan sampai esok. Kalau tidak, tidak ada gaji untuk bulan ini!

Maid : Bukan kenapa aunty. Rumah kamu pinggan pun tiada. Kerja saya hari-hari, petik daun pisang sahaja dan buang terus. Boring betul mak cik.

Housewife : *slaps* Banyak complain! Kamu nak saya potong gaji kha?

Maid : Kata tidak pun, masih juga potong.

Housewife : *slaps*

Maid : OK OK OK.!! Saya pergi buang itu daun pisang.

Housewife : Masih nak jerit depan saya kamu!? *slaps*

Maid : Kalau kamu tampar sakit baru saya diam.

Housewife : Kurang ajar! *slaps* *slaps* *slaps* *slaps* Nak lagi?

Maid : Cukup cukup cukup. Boring lah lepak dengan Mak Cik. 

Housewife : *slaps* Pergi kamu!

Maid : Ok Mak Cik. Saya nak pergi  tengok wayang dengan kawan saya.

Housewife : Boleh Mak Cik ikut?

Maid : Ok! Jom!

Then on their way to the theater, they played tag and chased each other on the streets in front of their neighbours. And they will always end up at the maid’s flat drinking cold beers. And when they are drunk :

Maid : Eh. Kenapa Mak Cik bagi gaji sikit betul? Hahahahahahahaha.!

Housewife : Sebab kerja kamu sangat teruk! Hahahahahahahaha.!

Maid : Memang! Mak Cik memang pemalas! Hahahahaha.!

Housewife : Hahahahahaha.!

Maid : Hahahahahahahah.!

And the loud laughters continued on throughout many nights. The maid’s neighbours, who are asanine immigrants from Cambodia, assumed those laughters meant ‘Help Me!’ in Indonesian. They reported this event to their agent who brought the case to higher authorities. The maid pleaded that the housewife was innocent. She even stood in her defense. Unfortunately, the slaps the housewife gave her while made the jury think otherwise.

Thus, Housewife S.M. Poongavanam, 33, was jailed eight years and fined RM20,000.

Which way is it, sir?

Before you steer towards the left, please have the courtesy to turn on your indicator so the other drivers around you – behind or in front of you or even beside you – know what exactly is your next move. It’s not any kind of strategy game where you can you surprise attack anyone, whenever you want. Indeed, it’s not wise to plan a sneak attack when it comes to driving on the road.

“Why don’t we cut into his lane without turning on the signal light? Then maybe his wife might notice you”

Unless you don’t realise it, indicator is derived from the word indicate. Indicate is an action where you a message is sent to you directly or indirectly beforehand.

“Should we turn on the indicator after we turn right or before?” “Experts say it’s best turning it on while you’re turning.”

Why is it so hard to use your signal light? I remember a radio show that was talking bout situations that pisses drivers off. And you guessed it, not using your signal lights was among the top causes apart from tailgating and automobiles with eye soaring body paints and vinyls.

“Dear, please use your indicator before cutting into someone’s lane” “Why should I? I don’t need to let everyone know where I’m going.”

It’s just a flick of a handle. Why not save the trouble being pain in arse?

“Honey, why can’t you just turn on your signal lights before cutting into that man’s lane? He could have hit you!” “Can’t you see I’m on the phone!”

Just this morning, a bus was in front of me on the road. All of a sudden, it stopped. In the middle of the road. In front of me. After 3 seconds of deep thoughts, I finally realised that it was parked there. I drove next to the driver by the right side. Wind down my window and said loudly to the lady driver, “Dont you know how to use a signal light?”. Then I drove up front a little. Turned on my indicator to the left and parked in front of her, with my signal light still turned on. I turned around, smiled at her and gave her a thumbs up.

She looked back at me blankly. That’s when it hit me.

She didn’t give a damn.

I drove home feeling like a sore loser.

Go into the light.!

We have the capability to dream, but what hinders us is that we don’t have the will to make it a reality. We lack the power to strive for what we want. We lose faith in what we can do. We lose grasp of hope. We lose our hold on the reality of that dream.

We start to worry. We begin to ignore. Everyone around are just blights in our sight. Hope fades along with your faith.Belief was just a past. Yesterday’s dream becomes today’s nightmare. We feel lost. Imbibed into a self-made world of despair.

Blaming yourself for the present. For not making the right decision. For not taking the step when you could. Cursing those who you could blame. Obscuring the truth that it’s your fault.

But not to worry. There’s no need to fret. Don’t need to lose hope.

There is a remedy to cure this ailment.

There is a cure for this spiritual affliction.

All you need is a new inspiration. That new direction.

That will give a new hope. That will show you your dreams. That will ignite the realisation that you have the power to make your dreams a reality. For your dreams to be one with you in the real world.

All you need is inspiration. The catalyst for you to be whole.

And once you’ve found your inspiration. Never let it go. Never recreate that painful history. Don’t look back. Instead, give yourself a new hope and move on.

Once you do, turn back and give inspiration to those who have lost hope.

Just like you were lost before.

It’s been too long.

After months of faithful abstinence from blogging, I’ve finally decided to come back to where I was and should be. Thus, here I am writing again to share to all my reader what I have in mind. This blog has always been about questioning the truth about reality while trying to provide answers to them. To separate reality from dreams and to help make dreams into a reality.

In short, I’m just here trying to entertain you readers.

More posts coming up soon.

In the meantime, check out my older posts.

Have a nice day everyone!